Industrial, Thermal, Mining & Infrastructure Solutions

Industrial, thermal, mining and infrastructure solutions

Electrowind Converting Solutions creates a range of custom products – including bus insulation, electrode arm insulation, electrode clamp insulation, fume hood insulation,gaskets and seals – for use in demanding industrial, thermal, mining and infrastructure environments and applications. These products meet demanding use specifications, including high-temperature, high-strength, chemical or moisture resistance, corrosion-resistance, high-dielectrics and flame resistance. Our solutions, created to meet your requirements, are used in demanding environments including foundries, production line equipment, aluminum and steel smelting facilities, electric arc furnaces, and heavy-duty industrial digging equipment.

Capabilities Overview: Flexible Material Converting for Industrial, Thermal, Mining & Infrastructure Applications

Our cost-effective converting of flexible materials makes use of high-performance papers, films and adhesive tapes including Kevlar®, mica, Nomex® aramid paper, Kapton® polyimide film, Formex® polypropylene and others using our vast array of flexible converting capabilities.

Electrowind Converting Solutions:

  • slits, to custom width and length, a broad range of films, papers, foils, foams, rubbers and adhesive tapes you need to insulate, shield, bond, protect and withstand some of the harshest environments on earth.
  • Produces custom parts, in small or large lots, from paper, film or adhesive tape to a specific shape or formed to fit in your equipment
  • die cuts, stamps, sheets, punch presses, bends, creases and/or forms custom parts to your demanding requirements

Capabilities Overview: Rigid Material Converting for Industrial, Thermal, Mining & Infrastructure Applications

Electrowind Converting Solutions converts a range of rigid materials, including structural supports, insulating barriers, impact-resistant panels, and wear plates, for industrial, mining, infrastructure and other demanding applications.

Electrowind Converting Solutions:

  • offers CNC and waterjet machining, sawing, milling, turning, forming, bending and more to machine the efficient hard materials you need.
  • provides capabilities to produce small and large orders of parts to the precision and exacting requirements of your industry.

Electrowind Converting Solutions is:

  • an ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • a 3M Preferred Converter
  • a trusted converter for a wide variety of world-class manufacturers and supplier partners

Typical Custom Products: Industrial, Thermal, Mining and Infrastructure Use

  • Ballistic protection for doors, counters, walls & panels
  • Bus insulation
  • Chain guides & tracks
  • Conductive materials
  • Displays & Signage
  • Electrical insulation
  • Electrode arm insulation
  • Electrode clamp insulation
  • Fume hood insulation
  • Furnace insulation
  • Gaskets & seals
  • Gears, bearings & sprockets
  • Guarding & windows
  • Heat dissipation materials
  • Heat shield
  • Industrial insulation
  • Insulating bolt covers
  • Insulation for smelting pots & bus bars
  • Insulating tape
  • Mast insulation
  • Material handling
  • Press platen & mold insulation
  • Power supply insulation
  • Protective barriers
  • Plunger insulation
  • Roof lift insulation
  • Shielding tape and insulation
  • Specialty components
  • Structural components
  • Thermal air duct baffling
  • Thermal insulation
  • Thermal interface materials
  • Wear plates

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