Aerospace, Military & Medical

Electrowind Converting Solutions has years of experience converting high-performance materials for aerospace, military & medical equipment and devices. Our materials are found in MRI and X-ray equipment, aircraft exteriors/interiors and turbines, satellites and military transport vehicles and various other equipment, devices and vehicles.

Flexible Material Converting for Aerospace, Military & Medical

Electrowind stocks, supplies and converts a wide range of high-performance flexible papers, films and tapes that are used to protect, insulate, conduct and bond in some of the most important and sophisticated equipment in the world.

These innovative flexible materials can be custom slit-to-width and length; laminated; die cut/stamped; kiss-cut; sheeted; formed; creased; and/or bent to simple and complex shapes depending on your application.

Many of our flexible materials are field-tested and proven to stand up to the toughest environments and safety regulations. These materials can be used to make your devices lighter, more durable and more efficient.

If you need 10 or 10,000 custom parts die cut out of paper, film, foam, rubber, foil or adhesive tape to a specific shape or formed to fit in your equipment; we can die cut, stamp, punch press, bend, crease and/or form those parts for you with fast turnaround as we know your orders are often critical for keeping your production going.

Rigid Material Converting for Aerospace, Military & Medical

Ballistic armour sheets; static dissipative operating tables; aircraft interior components like seatbacks and galleys; premium gaskets; and stethoscope plates are some of the applications where our rigid material converting is used.

We offer CNC and waterjet cutting, sawing, milling, turning, forming, bending and more to machine the high-performance hard materials you need. Many of our materials are specified for military or aerospace applications so that you can trust that the materials you are using have been specifically designed to withstand your demanding application. We have the capabilities to do small and large orders of parts to the precision and exacting requirements of your industry.

Typical Custom Parts We Manufacture for Your Industry

  • Aircraft interior components
  • Aircraft insulation systems
  • Aircraft films for protecting interior panels
  • Architectural ballistic protection panels, walls, doors & counters
  • Ballistic protection
  • Bonding & sealing adhesives
  • Braking system components
  • Device & supplies packaging for sterility
  • Displays & signage
  • Electrical insulation materials for medical equipment
  • Electrical insulating parts
  • Electric motor components
  • Electric motor insulation
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Fume hoods
  • Gaskets & seals
  • Guarding & windows
  • Instrumentation composites
  • MRI/CT scanner insulation
  • Power supply insulation
  • Protective barrier adhesives
  • Static management materials
  • Structural components
  • Thermal interface materials
  • Thermal management
  • Transformer insulation materials & components
  • Transport interior components

Contact Electrowind Converting Solutions at 800.265.8340 to discuss your custom requirement or Request a Quote for your custom parts.

Electrowind Available Materials & Equipment

Electrowind Converting Solutions is a division of Electrowind. Electrowind supplies materials and equipment for motor, transformer, electrical and electronic equipment. A list of our available materials is below:

  • Magnet/Winding Wire-stocking distributor for Superior Essex, PPE, Elektrisola, Von Roll Austral and more. Wire available from Electrowind is used in systems from thermal class 105°C to +240°C. Available in various packages from 8 lb spools to 1,000 lb reels depending on the product and brand.
  • Hook Up & Lead Wire-stocking distributor for Belden, Champlain Cable and more. We can cut-to-length hook up and lead wire based on your requirement.
  • Flexible Insulating Sheet Material-stocking distributor for DuPont, Von Roll, Isovolta, 3M, Fibertek, Weidmann and more. Flexible sheet material available from Electrowind includes: Kraft paper; Copaco; DMD; NMN; NKN; TFT; polyimide film (Kapton®); polyester film (Mylar® and Teijin®); mica; Nomex®; TufQUIN®; CeQUIN®; Kevlar®; Tedlar®; Formex® polypropylene; silicone rubber; virgin Teflon® and more. Available as roll or master roll stock. Electrowind Converting Solutions can slit, die-cut, sheet, crease, print, laminate and finish flexible sheet material in various ways to produce custom parts based on your design or requirement.
  • Rigid Insulating Sheet, Shapes and Molded Parts-stocking distributor for Rochling Glastic, Haysite and more. Rigid sheet material available from Electrowind includes: glass polyester GPO-1, GPO-2 and GPO-3; glass silicone G-7; high-temperature polyester SG-200/HT-1030; glass epoxy G-10/G-11/FR-4/EMD; glass melamine G-9; transformer board; densified laminated wood and pressboard; semi-conductive sheets; mica;  phenolics including grade L, LE, C, CE, X, XX and XXX; plastics and specialty rigids including Delrin®, Ultem®, UHMW, PVC, nylon, Arboron®, acrylic, Lexan® polycarbonate and more. Typically available in thicknesses from .032” up to 4” thicknesses depending on the product. Rods, channels, tubes and composite molded/threaded rods, nuts and bolts available in certain products. Electrowind Converting Solutions can machine, mill, saw, form, bend, drill, laminate and finish rigid sheet and shape material in various ways to produce custom parts based on your design or requirement.
  • Adhesive Tapes-stocking distributor for 3M, Intertape, DeWal, Ideal (American Biltrite) and more. Adhesive tapes available from Electrowind are used to insulate, bond, mask, conduct, protect, assemble, package, shield and seal. Electrowind Converting Solutions can slit-to-width, die cut/punch press, print and finish adhesive tape in various ways to produce custom tape for your application.
  • Non-Adhesive Tapes, Lacing Tapes & Cords-stocking distributor for Western Filament, Breyden Products, Isovolta, Von Roll, Carolina Narrow Fabric and more. Non-adhesive tapes, cords and rope available from Electrowind are typically made from fiberglass, cotton, Kevlar®, Nomex®, glass/polyester, nylon and mica can be purchased finished with wax, vinyl, rubber, b-stage, or Teflon® coating as well as with tracer lines depending on the product and brand.
  • Sleeving & Tubing-stocking distributor for Atkins & Pearce, Delfingen, Varflex, 3M and more. Sleeving available from Electrowind in sizes from #0-#24 AWG and up to 2” diameter typically. Various colours available depending on the product and brand.
  • Paints, Varnish, Resins, Coatins, Adhesives, Sealant, Lubricants & Potting Materials-stocking distributor for Elantas PDG Inc., Von Roll, Dolph’s, Glyptal, 3M, Insulcast, Momentive, Hysol and more. Available in various packages from pint to drum and tank quantities depending on the product and brand.
  • Mica Products-stocking distributor for Cogebi, Von Roll, Isovolta and more. Available in flexible and rigid sheets, non-adhesive tapes and gaskets. Electrowind Converting Solutions can convert mica products in various ways to produce custom parts based on your design or requirement.
  • Wedges, Separator Coils & Topsticks-available in various flexible and rigid materials including DMD, NMN, TFT, epoxy glass, wood and more.
  • Test & Production Equipment-distributor for SKF Baker, IRD Balancing, Lexseco, ACE, Phenix, HeatTek, Imprex, Dynamics Research Corp., Pollution Control Products Co., Jenkins, Steelman, A & W Dyanmometer and more. Test and production equipment available from Electrowind includes: motor analyzers; balancing machines and instruments; coil winding machines; core loss testers; dip tanks; batch and burnoff ovens; dynamometers; motor/transformer test systems  and more.
  • Shop, Safety & Maintenance Supplies-authorized distributor for Martindale, Ideal Industries, Blue Peter, Brady Products, Burlo Fans & Molds Inc., 3M and more. Shop, safety and maintenance supplies available from Electrowind includes: brush seaters; RTD’s; dispensing equipment; undercutter saws; metering equipment; strip heaters; motor fans and bushings; undercutters; safety glasses; shop respiratory protection equipment; shop cleaners; greases; masking products and more. 

Visit Electrowind’s website at for more information on our full product line.